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Welcome to album_talk!

Woohoo! album_talk is finally up! Hey, I'm the moderator tennischick798. I'm still working on customizing the journal. More updates will be coming up soon.
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Name: Juli who thinks it's rediculous to have to fill out an application
Types of music you like: Oldies, rock, Josh Groban, alt rock
Why you like these types of music: Oldies: they're feel-good and classical. Rock: it's got energy. Josh Groban: he has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard in my life. Alt rock: Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Straylight Run: it's something different to listen to.
Yeah, you have a point, Juli. This is kind of pointless to do. I think I'll just erase it from the about you thing. However, you still have to promote. What? This is a very small community that needs to be promoted.

Oh, and btw, you're in already.